WindowLikr's immersive and
integrated technology connects
people to their favorite content.

WindowLikr provides the first pixel-perfect, video-based mobile media experience for uninterrupted mobile living.

At the core of WindowLikr is a proprietary technology that embeds metadata within video files. For content producers (consumer brands, entertainment companies, sports broadcasters, etc.) WindowLikr is an enterprise tool that is revolutionizing the way they are engaging audiences through mobile video.

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The .likr codec contains all the information needed to interact with the video.

The core of WindowLikr is a technology innovation that embeds metadata within a video file. The .likr codec combines a video's audio/video streams and existing video metadata + the enhanced object metadata.

WindowLikr elegantly and intuitively puts brands directly at consumers' fingertips.

WindowLikr provides a platform for interactive video that seamlessly integrates a brand’s diverse content streams. WindowLikr’s user interface finally allows natural interaction with objects in streaming video, and because WindowLikr has been engineered with the mobile device in mind, marketers can be assured their content will reach their targeted audience.

Consumers are searching for an immersive technology that will connect them directly to their favorite content.

Brands are searching for interactive video solutions that are capable of integrating their diverse content streams.